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  • Anim8


    June 24, 2013 by Anim8

    Sorry guys, I haven't been on my wiki since, and there has been a lot of things happening to me lately.

    1. I just got a dog, and it is causing a lot trouble. Right now it just pooped twice in the kitchen.

    2. Sports. Good thing: They've been giving me ideas of sport games. Bad thing: I get injured alot. I get fouled at basketball, hit in the face and the you know what in tennis, and bicycle and scooter tricks.

    3. Friends. While I hang out with my friends, there is always a lot of things going on with me and my friends: Arguments, ideas, time, etc.

    4. Travelling. I have to travel to a lot of places, like one time I had to drive to North California just to get my dog.

    5. Ideas. Sometimes when I make my characters and monsters, I think: Are they re…

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  • Anim8

    Bad News

    April 10, 2013 by Anim8

    BAD NEWS: 

    Somebody (not you guys) hacked into my gmail account... 


    That's where I signed up for everything...

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  • Anim8

    A Quick Message

    February 22, 2013 by Anim8

    If you don't see me on the wiki a lot, that is because I am planning for different Monsters and books, cards, and etc. Give me some ideas if you want!

    Sincerely- Austin

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  • Anim8

    Monster Defenders Vote

    February 21, 2013 by Anim8

    I've been wondering, and I'm stuck with one idea. So I'll let you guys vote.

    Monster Defenders is a launching game, with Troublesome as a villian


    Monster Defenders is a world fighting adventure, with Radius as a villian.

    Tell us your vote!

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  • Anim8


    February 6, 2013 by Anim8

    I am going to choose you Ultra Crystal locations randomly, just to let you know.

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